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Taking Care of the Pregnant and Post Partum Body for an Easier Birth and Faster Recovery

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Together we will deepen our understanding of how to:

  • Support mama’s to develop simple habits to ensure an easier birth
  • The #1 thing that should be checked to make sure the baby can come on out through the pelvis
  • Simple, effective post partum tips for an faster recovery
  • The common birth pattern the pelvis goes into and how that effects a mama’s recovery
  • The truth about urinary stress incontinence after birth
  • The #1 tip for an easier vaginal birth and it's not what you think!
  • How to get the "green light" for a vaginal birth
  • Plus so much more…..

01 Lynn SchulteWhen you’re assisting a laboring mama, you’re at the birth door.

You’ve got to be wondering if that door is going to open or not?!?!

Why is it we just assume a mama’s pelvis and pelvic floor muscles are going to open up for birth and the baby is going to come on out?

Because we know it’s a natural event that should happen uneventfully, right?

But I also know you know that it doesn’t always happen this way!

Mama’s struggle to get their babies to engage, babies aren’t positioned ideally in the belly and they sometimes just don’t come out through the pelvis!

BUT:  What if you could help your mama’s prepare their bodies better so they have a greater chance for SUCCESS in a vaginal birth?

What if you could help minimize the damage and effects pregnancy and childbirth has on the mama’s body?

Join me as we learn that the pelvis has physical and energetic patterns I can teach you to identify so that you, or your clients heal more completely after birth.

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This webinar is packed full of helpful information you can share IMMEDIATELY with your mama’s and help shift their birth experience and recovery.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Thanks in advance for all the great support you give to laboring mama’s!

Here’s to more beautiful births!

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Lynn Marie Schulte, PT